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Elixir of Life

The long-lasting quarantine in New York got me thinking a lot about aging. Maybe because COVID19 has offered us a rare opportunity to reflect on our lives, focus on a healthy way of living, to keep a diet full of nutrition as well as create a good skincare routine. I […]

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What does it mean to be a transparent skincare brand like Heliotrope

The world of organic skincare brands can be very confusing. Almost every company labels their products as natural or green. But are they really? How the customers can be sure about the clean products when there is a huge lack of information on so many brands’ websites? Not with Heliotrope!  Heliotrope San Francisco creates high-quality products […]

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Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry is a Minnesota-based company that understands specific customer needs. Good Chemistry is a personality-driven company that doesn’t care about celebrity endorsement. Every product is unique like its customer: tells a story, describes an occasion, mood or even a place. The company is fully vegan, natural and animal-friendly. The […]

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