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Namibia Part 7 – Lüderitz

When describing Namibia, one cannot omit the bloody experiences that affected this beautiful country. And even though histories of many African nations have been interlaced with years of prosperity and years of brutal wars, it might seem like the war between German colonizers and native tribes of Namibia has forever […]

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Namibia Part 6 – Duwisib Castle

Currently, the official language in Namibia is English, although up until 1990 it was possible to use English, German and also Afrikaans. Afrikaans is a mix of European languages and the tongues of native South-African tribes such as the clans of the Herero and Nama peoples, whom I had a […]

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Namibia Part 5 – Dune 45

The Namib desert is the oldest desert in the world, stretching over a distance of more than 1300 km along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, from the southern border of Angola, across the entire territory of Namibia, all the way to the northern part of South Africa. The Namib […]

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