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Sari Barista Coffee Luwak

The smell of coffee definitely reminds me of my childhood. Blissful weekend mornings, during which the free-floating Arabica from Ethiopia or robusta from Vietnam and Guatemala woke my sisters and I. Sweet, attractive aroma, quiet conversations and the delicate clatter of teaspoons and cups – a sign that my parents […]

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Oversize Fashion

Nowadays, women no longer have to manifest feminism by wearing trousers. Contemporary feminine fashion inspired by masculine style is also not considered a rebellious political declaration. No one is surprised by the view of a woman in wide trousers, a tie, and a suit walking down the street. Both accessories […]

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My Favorite Twins – Petronas

Divisions and rivalry have been around for ages. And although will be related with negative effects, if not for this rivalry, the feeling of being better than the other person, group of people or even the whole society, we would not have so many achievements in science, sport, culture or […]

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