I do have a thing for French skincare brands. Maybe because French women emit such a beautiful chic vibe, a kind of fantasy about their life? Maybe because allure of French beauty is timeless and minimalistic, which I truly love the most? No matter what stays behind this obsession, I am happy to collaborate with one of the best French skin care brands: Yon-ka Paris. Their new products will explode your mind. You’re welcome. 

Yon-Ka Paris is a French, Phyto-aromatic brand, focusing on only natural actives, essential oils, and plant extracts ingredients. Yon-Ka Paris was established in 1954, and since then has been providing their customers with products that treat, heal and restore the skin. Yon-Ka Paris means:

  • Visible and lasting results
  • Balance between health and beauty
  • Restoration of natural energies

I have been using these products for pas couple of weeks, and I love everything about them!

MASQUE 105 ($49)

Natural triple clay mask that tightens pores and purifies skin for a balanced glow. This version is perfectly suited to the delicate nature of dry or sensitive skin and helps to prevent blackheads and the buildup of impurities.

  • Leaves your skin soft, smooth and clean
  • Removes the excess dirt from your pores 
  • No blemishes, irritation or acne recurrance
  • Very absorbing; for better results spray your face with water while wearing it
  • Use it twice per week for better results

Lait Nettoyant ($40)

A gentle cleansing of the skin with this delicately scented 2-in-1 milk cleanser for all skin types, that also removes eye and face makeup. Enriched with the purifying powers of borneol and the hydrating effects of plant-based cleansing agents, it balances skin’s oils and does not sting eyes, leaving your face feeling soft and refreshed.

  • Great for removing mascara and eyeliner
  • Cleanse well without leaving the skin feeling irritated or dried out
  • Great oil for your first cleanse
  • Very nourishing
  • Light, very pleasant fragrance 
  • Recommend for sensitive skin

Lotion Yon-Ka PS 2020 Limited Edition ($42)

hydrating toner for dry skin optimizes your skin care routine as it refreshes and invigorates skin. Composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin, this versatile healing water drenches skin with the solar-charged energy of five essential oils for a multi-beneficial toning, purifying and invigorating effect. 

  • Alcohol free
  • Perfect for normal, dry and sensitive skin 
  • It freshens and moisturizes your skin
  • The toner closes your pores 
  • Balances skin’s natural pH
  • Hydrates and Invigorates skin
  • Smells divine!

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