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For the Throne!

Many fans of one of the most beloved TV shows in the world – Games of Thrones, probably dreamed at least once in their lifetime of being at least for a moment one of the incredible characters like John Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or in my case – Aria Stark. The […]

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Oversize Fashion

Nowadays, women no longer have to manifest feminism by wearing trousers. Contemporary feminine fashion inspired by masculine style is also not considered a rebellious political declaration. No one is surprised by the view of a woman in wide trousers, a tie, and a suit walking down the street. Both accessories […]

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Fashion of the 70’s

The colorful era of the 1970s fashion mostly revolved around the concepts of freedom, diversity, and emphasis on creative individualism. Plenty of TV shows like Charlie’s Angels, Grease or Saturday Night Fever set trends for new styles and fashion genres. Watching Cher or the ABBA band members, it’s not difficult […]

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