Central Park, one of the largest parks in New York and it is best explored by bike. Breathtaking views, flat as well as hilly picturesque terrain is a fantastic ride for many enthusiasts of active leisure.

Central Park covers just over 840 acres and is located in the heart of Manhattan. It extends between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West Avenue (extension of Eighth Avenue) and between 57th and 110th street. The incredibly huge forest inside was designed so that every visitor could forget for a moment about the noise and bustle of the surrounding city. The park has numerous hiking trails, streams, lakes, gorges with soothing waterfalls and a Blockhouse from 1814. Renting a bike is an ideal way to explore this part of the city. Pedaling at your own pace, enjoy the original scenery, discover the many hidden attractions that Central Park has to offer, and burn some calories while you at it! An hour ride will give you a shot of adrenaline for the whole day!


Shirt: Tome

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Loeffler Randall

Sunglasses: Chimi Eyewear

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