Brunch is, without question, the best meal of a day. However, quarantining yourself at home during those hard and difficult times means staying in your apartment an avoiding contact with your friends and relatives: no mimosa brunches, no bloody marys lunches, nor even rooftop afternoon cocktails. Some may think it’s an essential precocious, others may say, that is unnecessary restrict of liberty. But what can you do when you ate all your quarantine snacks, and you are tired of wearing sweatpants all day every day?

I guess we can agree, that all diets are temporarily suspended. You can go to the closest deli store, looking fabulous, and buy all those bags of tortilla chips, guacamole, buckets of ice cream you have been craving for a long time, and drink countless numbers of coke.

Sometimes you need to change your thinking and give a small boost to your self-esteem. You can pamper yourself with homemade mani and pedi, give your skin some extra care. Some of the distress of being quarantined stems from boredom and frustration, but with a small effort, you can go through it! How you feel about yourself is more important than your look, but in a time of pandemic anxiety, clothing that makes you happy can reduce your stress levels! (and it’s actually proved)

T-Shirt: Blakk Hyenaz

Jacket: Mackage

Skirt: Tanya Taylor 

Bag: Giaquinto



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