For the Throne!

Many fans of one of the most beloved TV shows in the world – Games of Thrones, probably dreamed at least once in their lifetime of being at least for a moment one of the incredible characters like John Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or in my case – Aria Stark. The […]

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Sari Barista Coffee Luwak

The smell of coffee definitely reminds me of my childhood. Blissful weekend mornings, during which the free-floating Arabica from Ethiopia or robusta from Vietnam and Guatemala woke my sisters and I. Sweet, attractive aroma, quiet conversations and the delicate clatter of teaspoons and cups – a sign that my parents […]

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Pier 17

After the long and frosty winter, the long awaited and equally unprecidable summer has finally arrived in New York. However, with the scorching heat coming down from the sky, the temperature exceeding 30 Celsius degrees each day, and not a cloud being visible, nobody feels like squeezing through the crowds […]

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