After the long and frosty winter, the long awaited and equally unprecidable summer has finally arrived in New York. However, with the scorching heat coming down from the sky, the temperature exceeding 30 Celsius degrees each day, and not a cloud being visible, nobody feels like squeezing through the crowds of pedestrians on the busy streets of Manhattan. On such a day, everybody dreams of a moment of respite, while on the lookout  for a place where they could forget the bothersome heat.

One of this summer’s most popular spots, almost entirely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy (2012) but extraordinary rebuilt and ceremoniously opened on June 30, is Pier 17 in Seaport District. What this amazing pier has, is even more than anyone could possibly dream of.

Pier 17 takes its pride in one of the most spectacular views you can find: to the north, there are three impressive bridges to admire (Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge) and the proud Empire State Building tower, while to the south, you will meet the gaze of the distant Statue of Liberty towering over the East River. The pier also offers weekly concerts on the rooftop of the building, live music played by the best DJs on the platform below, a luxurious movie theater, and exquisite international dishes as well as colorful cocktails available to buy at the outdoor bar just by the river.

If you are still wondering how to quench your thirst during this hot summer time, I recommend Pier 17!                                          I am sure you will not regret visiting it!

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