Yes, It’s 2022, and all I want for myself and you guys to travel more this year without any restrictions. The world has changed a lot, therefore our mindset has to change as well. So let’s start with some travel affirmation (I’ve heard it works). All you have to do is to BELIEVE:

  1. Write down destinations you would like to visit this year.
  2. Write down your travel goals (travel affirmations for health, safety, travel anxiety, and others)
  3. Read the note every day. Remind yourself why you want to do it.

I am creating a life of adventure and happiness.
I am comfortable being uncomfortable.
I am capable, strong, and confident.
Think positive.
I am happy with what I am right now in this moment.
I know I will love exploring a new city.
I am on the right path to achieving my goals and dreams.
Travel is my destiny.
This is such an exciting trip.
Today is fresh and new.
Travel cultivates cheer in me every day.
Travel opens my mind.
I follow my intuition and trust where it is taking me.

Shirt: Victoria Beckham

Pants: Revolve

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