What does American fashion really mean? The new MET exhibition created by Andrew Bolton for the 75th anniversary of Costume Institute proposes an interesting answer. Over 100 iconic outfits are a part of the 2021 presentation. Some belong to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; others came straight from the newest lines from the Fall Winter 2021-22 New York Fashion Week. Bolton created a full encyclopedia of different meanings that should describe an American democratic language. From Harmony to Assurance, Self-Determination to Optimism, Authenticity to Respect. In America: A Lexicon of Fashion is a beautiful tribute not only to well-established names but also to young and emerging designers like Mimi Prober or Dauphinette. It’s a must-see this Autumn!

“The Costume Institute’s In America is a two-part exhibition on view September 18, 2021, through September 5, 2022. Part One, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, in the Anna Wintour Costume Center, celebrates The Costume Institute’s 75th anniversary and establishes a modern vocabulary of fashion. Part Two, In America: An Anthology of Fashion—opening in the American Wing period rooms on May 5, 2022—will present sartorial narratives that relate to the complex and layered histories of those rooms. Parts One and Two will close on September 5, 2022.” Metropolitan Museum of Art

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