If you like spending your holidays on a beach, you probably will look for sun, sand & surf. You wouldn’t mind slender palm trees swaying back and forth and small waves touching the shore either. Your colorful blanket would lay on a white-sand or even black-sand beach, facing the azure water, while you would be listening to the calming music of the ocean or sea. Sounds pretty good, isn’t it? But what if I told you that you could add some extra allure to your leisure?

There are several rose-tinted beaches dotted around the globe – a dream for every photographer, traveler, and nature lover. You can find them in Bermuda, Indonesia, Spain as well as Greece. Elafonissi Beach in Crete is probably one of the most iconic sceneries. Shallow waters, sweeping dunes, and the beautiful blush color of the sand attract thousands of tourists every year. No wonder that Elafonissi Beach ranks on the 10 top of the world’s most mesmerizing beaches.

Elafonissi Beach is located on the southwest part of the island, only a 1,5-hour drive from Chania. The beach itself is split between two peninsulas with an easy crossable stretch of water between them. This picturesque place gives a unique feeling of being in a Polynesian lagoon while having a Mediterranean vacation. Unfortunately, you and I are not the only people interested in visiting this magnetic place. During the high season, you will find hundreds of families, couples, Instagramers, and Instagram Boyfriends sharing their stories and memories on social media. But why the pink beach is pink? Elafonissi Beach gets its unusual color mostly because of crushed-up pink shells of sea creatures (foraminifera). When you add to those small red organisms that live together in s symbiosis and some calcium carbonate materials, the beach looks like a paradise on earth. But remember, taking souvenirs from the beach is strictly prohibited!!

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