Have you ever come home from vacation thinking that you’re not fulfilled? Wishing that you could have done more? I am not talking about another sunset party (which we all love), or dinner with the most incredible view, or shopping for that matter. I am talking about longing for something deeper, more intellectual-oriented.

A learning and leisure vacation is probably my favorite choice. It’s a beautiful combination of exploring and absorbing a piece of new knowledge, discovering, and learning about the history of your travel destination. And Greece is probably the best place for both. Crete has so much to offer: from exciting hiking & amazing beaches to outstanding sightseeing, as well as historical landmarks, and Knossos is on the top of that list. The oldest city in Europe, the Minoan Palace, and insights into the first European’s civilization. Isn’t that exciting? Check out images from one of the most unbelievable days I’ve spent in Crete and learn more beautiful Minoan culture right here. Enjoy!

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