Back in the days, I was obsessed with all the American high school tv show dramas. I could never really placed what kept me so emotionally invested in that kind of show. Was it me romanticizing about love in American culture? Was it because American teenagers were always so independent and outspoken? Or was it simply because American high school couldn’t be any more different from a Polish one – starting with the cutest uniforms.

Unfortunately, in Poland, there is no tradition of wearing a full uniform at school (at least there wasn’t any in the last two decades), but somehow I always found that idea attractive. A school uniform has definitely a good impact on self-esteem (students don’t have to worry about whether their outfits will be acceptable by others). Children are focused more on improving their grades and attendance rates instead of thinking about the dress code. However, don’t get me wrong, I would love to see how students spicing up their daily fashion like in a Gossip Girl show (or maybe a little bit less extravagant) – and yes, Gossip Girl is really coming back – get ready, Upper East Side! Here would be my choice of a school uniform, if I was a teenager again. I could see myself scrolling down the UES, getting my latte at Starbucks, on my way to find my best friend – Blair Waldorf.

Suit: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bag: Enter Bags

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