According to some psychologists, seasonal preferences say a lot about your personality. Many of us are affected by the solstices and equinoxes. The seasonal scheme, geographical and climatic factors can have a huge impact on our mood swings. Extroverts feel great during hot weeks of summer, while introverts usually prefer colder months. Since I am more of an introverted person, I would like to say a proper goodbye to winter and share with you 50 reasons to love the coldest season of the year!

1. Christmas lights and Christmas Tree

2. New Year’s Eve

3. Scented candles

4. Long hugs to keep warm

5. Cozy sweatshirts

6. Warm socks

7. Hot cocoa and cider

8. Netflix marathons

9. January sales

10. Mistletoe

11. Log burning, bonfires

12. Snow

13. Skiing

14. Ice skating

15. Red wine

16. Snow angels

17. Gingerbread

18. Bubble baths

19. No bugs

20. Fresh, clean air

21. Snowshoe hike

22. Nutcracker ballet

23. Read by the fire

24. Snowmobiles

25. Game nights

26. Catching snowflakes on your tongue

27. Frosty mornings

28. Cozy pubs

29. Family time

30. Long phone calls

31. Rosy cheeks

32. Less sunscreen

33. Arts and crafts

34. Snowball fights

35. Long talks

36. Valentine’s Day

37. Pajamas Day

38. Keeping hands with your lover

39. Warm bubble baths

40. Hot tea

41. A lot of days off due to holidays

42. Rockefeller Christmas Tree

43. Holiday windows

44. Holiday markets

45. Hanukkah

46. Bathhouse 

47. New York Fashion Week

48. Chinese New Year’s Eve

49. Hockey games

50. Northern Lights

Turtle neck, pants and shoes: ZARA

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