By definition, a Tomboy is a girl who likes things associate with boys. She wears masculine clothes, plays soccer or football, climbs a tree when nobody is watching. She would reject pink color, lace, and replace dolls with cars. Tomboy is strong, can be aggressive, and often tomboyism (according to Freudian psychology) leads to lesbianism. 

I was always a very active and adventurous child. I would jump to a lake first when nobody dares to do so. I would climb walls and sneak on the rooftops. Every day I would come home with new scratches and bruises. I would fight a guy if I had to (and yes, one time I even knocked my classmate tooth out). However, I did have phases, when I was pretending to be my mother while wearing a dress, drinking tea in a fancy cup with a smashed mascara under my eyes (no, I had no clue how to do makeup correctly). I never knew who I was, but I always knew what I wanted.

It took me a long time to understand gender roles, stereotypes, and social roles that put a lot of pressure on women. Living in NYC taught me that you can choose to be whoever you want to be and wear what you like. You can express yourself in the way best fits you. These stereotypes are nothing more than generalized views about characteristics and expectations. You can wear a floral dress one day and an olive faux leather combo by Whitney Port the next day. And it’s totally fine! Who said that you have to choose only one? Who said that we have to follow stereotypes and live by the old-fashioned sexist rules? I am who I am, and I love it.


Hat: The Generation That

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Shot by @elasiemczyk

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