Winter always calls for coziness, and there is nothing more comfortable than sweaters. You can never have too many of them in your closet, especially if they feel smooth & soft to the touch. But just because short winter days are here doesn’t mean that your sweater fashion has to be dull. American Vintage (soon to be in New York) is stepping up the game by creating effortless fashionable looks for everyone this season!

American Vintage was founded in 2005 by Michaël Azoulay with the first store in Marseille (2007). As Azoulay mentioned many times, his trips to the United States had a huge impact on his fashion taste and an innovative approach to redefine basics. The American Vintage is a brand that focuses on delivering its customers’ casual cuts, the variation of colors, natural materials with the best quality. If you are looking for timeless pieces, which you can wear all year long, no matter how old you are and what your fashion esthetic is, you will fall in love with American Vintage as I did.

With the generosity of the American Vintage, I created three cozy outfits for the Holiday Season. All of them are must-haves for fighting chilly breezes. No matter if you are having a relaxing day at the fireplace or a long lazy morning, these items will build up your holiday spirit!




American Vintage is the story of authentic fashion that suits all types of personalities. It is an ode to simplicity whose distinctive codes open the door to a contemporary style.



The American Vintage collections mix fashion and emotions, creating the perfect link between the seasons and generations.


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