Let’s be honest: Korean 10-step skin routine is ridiculously long, but in the end, so much worth of your precious time. There is a reason why Korean brands became superior to western companies and why they have officially upped the standards for the global skin-care industry. Sulwhasoo with the decades of experience, the holistic beauty heritage, as well as a philosophy based on harmony and balance, is on the top of the most desirable Asian skincare brands. So sit down, relax, and let me tell you a bit about their products.

Gentle Cleansing Oil

I’m so happy I no longer have to use abrasive methods to remove heavy make up. All you need is Sulwhasoo gentle cleansing oil! A decadently silky, oil-based formula infused with nourishing apricot kernel oil and tangerine peel extract that effectively removes impurities, including waterproof makeup, while keeping skin balanced. It literally takes away everything!

First Care Activating Serum

My skin can be so thirsty! I can’t leave the house without a good serum on. This formulated with JAUM Balancing Complex, a potent cocktail of five Korean herbs First Care Activating Serum does its job pretty well! It will give you incredible hydration and will help to boost the absorption of all other skincare regime products. It is a little bit pricey, but you get A LOT of it. So, in the end, it is a  win-deal.

Here are a few prep steps:


1. Warm 2-3 pumps of First Care Activating Serum to palm of hands. 

2. Cup hands and slowly bring them up to the face. 

3. Take a deep breath and inhale the earthy scent to begin the First Peace Ritual. Pamper your senses in the relaxing holistic ritual that brings harmony and balance. 


1. Begin applying serum in circular motions, starting with the nose area, and massaging evenly on the skin. 

2. Using the palm of hands, gently press the serum to cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, and chin until completely absorbed. 

3. Wrap face with both hands to complete ritual.

Essential Firming Cream

Yes, $100 for a jar of cream can be heavy on your pocket, but this is one of the very few firming creams on the market, that actually helps the more mature skin. Essential Firming Cream will not make any miracles, but definitely is a rich hydrator that takes care of flakes and tight patches without feeling heavy, and addresses loss of elasticity with JISUN Firming Complex, a potent blend of antioxidant-rich goji berries, black beans, and arrowroot. Worth every penny!

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