What is a street style? Is the street style the same as a decade or two ago? Do we still love and appreciate the fashion from more urban areas that have absolutely nothing to do with high-end mainstream? “Street style” supposed to be born and bred on the street. Street style is a fashion that should be caught in a natural habitat. With all those big fashion houses which are trying to get into a more casual world, Onitsuka Tiger without any prompt and effort established their brand in a street style fashion all around the world.

Onitsuka Tiger (1949, Japan) even though it started with a philosophy of bringing up sound youth through sport, with decades extended their style by adding to the world-famous sports shoes trademark original models of Onitsuka clothing. A new collaboration between Snidel and Onitsuka Tiger is a perfect balance between Snidel’s chic and Onitsuka Tiger’s retro taste. Earthy tones, geometrical cuts, oversized tops are still so beloved by many subcultures, and Onitsuka Tigers knows that best. 

Here are my favorites from the collection!

Some images shot by Catherine Gibbons

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