I have to agree with Anthony Bourdain. Vietnam, and more specifically Hanoi, is all about the food and traffic. However, while the traffic is hectic, you will be happy to know, that it’s a great place to explore by bike or foot while tasting unforgettable flavors.

Hanoi is a vibrant capital of Vietnam, and the bright light of this city is the Old Quarter – the most popular attraction for foreigns who are dying to try some authentic local cuisine. People in Hanoi love the slow pace of living. The view of Vietnamese chilling outside on the street curb drinking is very common. Without any rush Hanoians adore sitting on tiny plastic chairs, drinking Vietnamese green tea or beer (which can even cause sometimes heated debate about the best brand). Right here in the Old Quarter, you will find the most popular and delicious dishes. They can be made just as well in a Michelin star restaurant as on the side of the road. You can choose anything from the large and complicated menu, and you will not be disappointed. The simplicity of the dishes, fresh ingredients, and attractive aroma floating above the Old Quarter will make you feel like in food heaven.

Although for many people Hanoi may seem to be too overwhelming and chaotic, it’s also a wonderful place of foreign influences, a beautiful infusion of French and traditional Vietnamese culture with flavorful, complex, dynamic and often surprising – but never boring cousin.

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