I wrote a few times already about oversize clothing. But what can you do when the girl loves big sweaters and could wear them every single day? Oversize clothing has a reputation for being the clothes you wear when you want to feel comfortable. Without putting too much effort, we wear all those shapeless, baggy outfits. The sensation of loose sweaters and hoodies is priceless, but it doesn’t mean we cannot combine coziness with some small chic.

Roomier fits have been in style for several seasons now. Every month various fashion brands introduce us to new exaggerated proportions. We often hear: The bigger the better. When it comes to oversized clothes, there is a lot of opportunities to play with. You can mix loose sweaters with high boots, midi skirt, big hats or statement earrings. You can show a bit of your skin (revealing your legs, shoulders or décolletage peeking out from an oversized coat or jacket will still look tasteful). An oversized knit can be worn on top of normal-size one, or with skinny leggings, jeans (if you feel like you are drowning in your clothing). Few undone buttons in a loose sweater will give an elusive sense of effortless, but crossbody or shoulder bag in an interesting shape will elevate your daily look.



Sweater: Caara

Bag: Cleobella

Earrings: Sarah Magid

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