Travel fades so quickly as soon as you are back in your day to day life. Even though those incredible memories of socializing with friends, family members, visiting the most fascinating destinations will stay with you forever, the entire fuss of traveling is easily forgotten and you start believing that it all happened to a different person. Artyszka in NYC is like my diary which provides a simple way for family and friends to stay connected (especially if they are very far away).

With the holidays literally around the corner, you may wonder how to fill all those free days with some excitement. The Holiday Season kicked off at Universal Studios as well, so if you are not planning of staying home for the entire week, here are few reasons why it would be a great time to visit the Universal Studios:

  1. Christmas in the World of Harry Potter – If you haven’t visited Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley you truly miss a lot! Each individual store is incorporated into its holiday accouterments. Houses covered with snow, balls of yarns and holiday shopping rush will make you feel like you just stepped into your favorite film to celebrate this wonderful season.
  2. Holiday food – On every corner, you will find some delicious holidays treats like caramel apples, gingerbread cookies, Grinchmas Chocolate cupcakes or famous butterbeer. Would you like something extra? Universal Studios also offers some holiday drinks only for adults like Apple Pie on the Rocks, Frozen Eggnog or The Gingerbread Mon which will make your tours around Universal Studios even more interesting.
  3. Grinchmas Who-liday – you can finally meet the Grinch and see yourself How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Take a picture with your favorite cast members from Who-ville, get some more holiday treats and watch the beautiful live show accompanied by music recorded by Mannheim Steamroller.
  4. End your day with an incredible light illumination on the Hogwarts Castle. The building became a canvas for an amazing performance. This spectacular six-minute show, seasonal melodies, and The Frog Show will remind you that the holiday spirit is alive!

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