The Hollywood Sign is way more than 9 letters. Hollywood stands for ambition, glamorous life, success, money, and fame. No wonder that every single day hundreds of visitors trying to get the best shot of this world-famous sign. Here are a few ways of getting the well-angled shot, you will be happy to show your friends.

  1. Wisdom Tree – The highest peak in Griffith Park which delivers the most iconic view over Hollywood and San Fernando Valley. After almost a milelong hike a beautiful America Flag and a single pine tree are awaited for you to take a beautiful picture with.
  2. Mount Lee – a short hike from the Wisdom Tree. This is the closest you can get to the Hollywood sign (150 feet). Although it is not a front-facing shot (you are right behind the sign), you can still enjoy a terrific view of the Griffith Park and Los Angeles.
  3. Tyrolean Tank – is around 20 minutes walk from Mount Lee. You will get an excellent view of the sign and your money shot. From this viewpoint, you will not have any houses in your selfie. If you are looking for a close view of the Hollywood Sign, this is your best option.
  4. Griffith Observatory – You can get not only an outstanding view of the Hollywood Sign here, but it as well a great place to visit. The Griffith Observatory is a beautiful building with interesting exhibitions and exceptional views!




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