And finally our long-awaited, calendar and astronomical spring has arrived. The days are getting longer, the warmer weather is upon us, and in the gardens and forests, you can find blooming snowdrops, crocuses and anemones. Many unforgettable attractions await the inhabitants of New York this season, including the annual Cherry Blossom festival in the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn, or the Orchid Show in the Botanic Garden in Bronx – developed in partnership with Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Singapore’s gardens are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Particularly noteworthy are the extraordinary Gardens by the Bay, which is located in the very center of Singapore on the Marina’s Bay. Opened in 2011, the gardens cover an area of over 100 acres and are visited by millions of tourists each year. The botanical conservatory consists of several ideally designed complexes. Concrete, steel and glass constructions filled to the brim with lush plant arrangements from around the world attract the attention of every tourist and quickly became a showcase not only for Singapore itself but also for Southeast Asia.

Gardens by the Bay are primarily futuristic, metal trees overgrown with plants, usually arranged in threes. Solar batteries are placed on many of them, which provide energy to the entire center. The largest Supertrees have been connected by a long bridge, on which during the day you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the entire bay, while at night it is the perfect place to admire the colorful, unique illumination of Garden Rhapsody lights – one of the most characteristic attractions of Singapore.

Strolling through Gardens by the Bay you should also visit the Cloud Forest – a huge greenhouse, replicating the cool, humid conditions found in tropical mountainous regions. The entire room resembles a magical world filled with countless epiphytes (ferns, orchids), waterfalls and slow-moving fog perfectly reflecting this unusual mountain climate. Noteworthy is also slightly lower than Cloud Forest – Flower Dome in which plants from the regions of the Mediterranean, South Africa, California, Chile and south-western Australia were collected. You can find here, among others 32-ton baobab, 100-year-old olive tree, succulents and a number of other plants that are characterized by excellent adaptation to dry environments.

Singapore is an amazing city-state that has a hot spring to offer visitors throughout the year. Although Gardens by the Bay is mostly a tourist attraction, completely designed by man, it is still worth visiting. There are not that many places, you can find 25-meter trees shining with the colors of the rainbow.


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