And finally, we have winter. Here in New York whether it is snowing or not I find this time of year to be the most refreshing. The days between November and March are my most awaited, even though for some it can never be over fast enough.

There are many reasons why I love winter. Hot coffee slowly caressing your throat, that never tastes better than during crisp mornings, long evenings spent on the sofa with a book under a warm cotton blanket, and above all, endless winter fashions!

During this cool season, you can freely combine different colors, stylish coats with woolen oversize sweaters or simply accentuate your style with original accessories (like my favorite berets from Lord & Taylor). Winter offers us many fashion options that do not have to be expensive. You can choose between long floral dresses, pastel jackets or the always elegant black turtleneck. Even if the cold of winter isn’t your thing, you can still fully appreciate the spectacularity of winter’s fashion. Everyone can look fantastic with just a little creativity!

Phot.: @chongstudios

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