Many of us wonder sometimes, why the cost of the products offered by big fashion houses is so high? Are all the leading brands able to guarantee the high quality of their articles for a sometimes absurd price? Unfortunately, the high cost does not always go hand in hand with a high quality. However, it is increasingly noticeable that for a better price point you can get still the highest value products. One of the best examples is Polette Eyewear. 

Polette Eyewear is a brand created with love for fashion, innovation, and creativity by Pierre Wizman and Pauline Cousseau in 2011. It is the leading eyewear brand in France which gets more and more followers and fashion lovers every day implementing at the same time on the international market. Polette has in its collection over 900 beautiful frames (with the prices starting from $4.99), 43 color options, customization with tinted, mirrored or even digital lens, thus giving customers a huge range of possibilities to create a unique pair of glasses. 

My recommendation is definitely a Finley Brown Frame from the Pre Fall Collection (Sunglasses – UV400, Colored Tints, Brown Average). Extremely lightweight sunglasses, ideal for every occasion. Go to and choose your own, custom-made pair of eyewear!


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