For many centuries, we have been pondering over the concept of paradise. Eden – a garden created in the East, where everything was plentiful, with plant life always being lush, and man enjoying a happy and peaceful life. A place that is breathtaking with its beauty, where the sweetness of fresh fruits leaves its flavor in the memory for a long time. 

Does this garden of delight really exist? Will we ever find it? And what would you think, Dear Reader, if I told you that such a unique place, this land of milk and honey, isn’t really that much out of reach?

Bali, a small island in the Bali Sea, in the Lesser Sunda Islands archipelago, which belongs to Indonesia – our little earthly Arcadia. When landing in Bali, one can almost immediately feel the uniqueness of this place. The rich fauna and flora, fresh air, beautiful melody played by the ocean waves in the distance, and in the south of the Bukit peninsula, perfectly blending into the generous nature and the colors of the island stands Hotel Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa. 

This five-star resort, belonging to the Mariott group, is reminiscent of leathery Bukit turtles, which found Bali to be particularly to their liking as a place to live. The multi-story building, with numerous terraces and swimming pools, perfectly reflects the shell of those tiny creatures, whereas the classic bamboo decor, combined with modern architecture and style, gives this place a sense of an incredible, heavenly luxury.  

The hotel can offer their guests everything that every traveler secretly dreams of: a natural Balinese spa, the soothing wellness treatment of which are perfectly tailored to the clients’ individual needs, colored drinks available at the two of the hotel’s bars, best to be sipped at the pool while also admiring the lush vegetation and the Pacific Ocean stretching on the horizon, as well as the now-cult Double Ikat restaurant that serves delicious dishes of Indonesian cuisine, based on homemade, authentic recipes of the island’s inhabitants. The most determined guests, on the other hand, can get to learn the techniques of Indonesian cooking inside and out, trying their hand at preparing those delicious dishes while supervised by brilliant chefs.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, unlike other establishments of this kind, made sure that their guests also learn the real charms of the picturesque Bali. A modern concierge – Navigator – can get many tourists to walk barefoot along the phenomenal hiking trails, relax at the Roosterfish Beach Club, visit the most interesting parts of the island, not just the cult ones, described in most of the tourist guides, but also the hidden treasures, only known by real Balinese.

And just like that, strolling along the Renaissance lobby, with a vast view of the sunset, inhaling the scent of fresh wood used for the elaborate details of the hotel’s interiors, reacting to smiles and gestures of the polite room service, I’m starting to think if this artistic interior at the center of this magical little island isn’t actually my own personal Eden that I’ve found after so many years.


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