Traditions are easily outdated by modernization. This does not mean that you cannot mix or combine them. Sometimes they create a perfectly coordinated duet, which can be easily seen in the newly opened Orchard Rendezvous Hotel.

The Orchard Rendezvous Hotel (from Far East Hospitality) is located on one of the busiest streets in the city – Orchard Road. The facility has been through major renovations before being reopened September 2018 and still stands out significantly among numerous buildings in this part of the city. 

The Orchard street was a country road in the early 1800s, surrounded by numerous pepper farms, nutmeg plantations, and colorful fruit orchards. In 1970, during the golden age of Singapore, the Ming Court Hotel (later Orchard Parade Hotel)was built – one of the biggest hotels at the time, providing numerous tourist with a stay. Today this wealthy facility is the recently renovated, rebranded and renamed  Orchard Rendezvous Hotel (19th September 2018), giving the citizens of Singapore nostalgic feelings caused by its long and colorful past. 

The facility welcomes its guests with its fresh and elegant look, inspired by the lush vegetation that once stretched over these parts as well as the adjacent Singapore Botanic Gardens which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The botanic concept is present not only in the delicate pepper leaf chandeliers, decorative wallpapers, or other subtle plant themes that can be found in the numerous interiors but also in the famous Vanda Orchard Rendezvous – a one of a kind, two color orchid ordered from the Orchid Society of South East Asia at the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel’s special request. This original hybrid flower can be admired on the 6th floor of the building which also has a swimming pool with a beautiful view of the local tropical landscape – a perfect escape from the bustling city.  

Orchard Rendezvous Hotel combines the old and the new, the past and the future, the exquisite style of a bygone era and care for the modern art. Perfectly designed facilities, caring staff and high quality of services providing incredible comfort and luxury to many visitors. 


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