When planning a trip to distant countries and browsing through countless amounts of hotel offers, we often feel lost. And even though the idea of luxury is different for every traveler, we all still want to find a resort that is characterized by a beautiful and original interior, friendly room service and a convenient location. It might seem these days that it’s no longer to have but to experience that constitutes an integral part of luxury. Hotel guests are characterized by increasingly refined tastes and it’s getting more common for them to expect an abundant, comprehensive and fully sensory experience from the hotel – something for the body, heart, and soul. 

Meeting those expectations is the Far East Hospitality group from Singapore, offering tourists a luxurious stay at their facilities like the Rendezvous Hotel Singapore on Bras Basah and the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. 

The Rendezvous Hotel is located right in the center of a museum neighborhood, between the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore to be exact. Since luxury and art have always attracted one another, it is no surprise that the Rendezvous Hotel has become a bridge between international guests and the Singaporean culture, art, and national heritage. The facility actively supports local artists and numerous cultural initiatives (Art Stage Singapore and Singapore Biennale), blending different art installations into the furnishings and finishing of all interiors. The post-colonial building, filled with tranquility, elegance, lounge aesthetics as well as ubiquitous art, (which can also be purchased) will make the guests more aware of aesthetic values giving them an enriched experience  

Each room was meticulously arranged in one of three art styles: Retro, Performing Art or Peranakan. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and club guests have full access to a free buffet-style breakfast at the Stratis Cafe restaurant (which serves both international and Singaporean delicacies), a swimming pool built with Bali touches and a library filled with plush, incredibly comfortable couches where one can rest after a long day of touring this interesting city, while sipping on refreshing Singaporean cocktails served by the best bartenders.  

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore is definitely one of my favorites. Luxury, minimalism, attention to detail, ideal location, but especially the love and passion for art are the reasons why this place stole my heart.



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