The colorful era of the 1970s fashion mostly revolved around the concepts of freedom, diversity, and emphasis on creative individualism. Plenty of TV shows like Charlie’s Angels, Grease or Saturday Night Fever set trends for new styles and fashion genres. Watching Cher or the ABBA band members, it’s not difficult to notice that this decade was when plenty of trends were born that influence fashion to this day. 

The 70s are not just the commonly recognizable disco or boho styles, but also a whole array of trends, glam, rock, ethnic and costumes inspired by safari or folklore. Bell-bottom jeans, mini and mid-length skirts made of satin or suede, fringes, numerous high-waisted designs and beautiful sunglasses which were a big statement for move stars and musicians.  These are just some of the characteristic and significant attributes of this period. 

Some people love this era for its liberalism, others criticize it for lacking typical standards. Still, plenty of today’s fashion designers like the new Timeless Perfect Match Polette collection, Alice and Olivia or Top Shop take great pleasure in combining 70’s stylings with modern accents. Artists have a lot of fun with this colorful style while also showing unlimited fashion creativity and highlighting the rise of feminism that was so important to that decade. 

If you dream of creating your own individual taste inspired by the fashion tendencies of the 70’s dig through your wardrobe where you are certain to find a few pieces that are inspired by those decadent days.

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