To see the true beauty of Namibia every tourist should be armed with incredible patience. You have to be prepared for many hours of travel by car, during which dried meat from kudu and ostrich will serve as the only snack in more than 35 degrees heat (the meat does not look very appetizing but it is incredibly tasty and is ideal for a long expedition), you also have to get used to hearing the dead almost absolute silence and the sight of the deserted vast horizon visible through the dust left by car.

In such a remote place, in the center of the National Park Namib-Naukluft there is a four-star hotel Sossus Dune Lodge. This eco-friendly holiday resort consists of 25 small houses made of wood and thatch, connected by a narrow bridge like walkway. Each of the houses are richly furnished with wooden furniture lined with leather, a private bathroom where you can find ecological cosmetics and a glazed bedroom with a beautiful view of the Namibian desert. This amazing combination of African houses with post-colonial decor gives visitors the impression that time at Sossus Dune Lodge stopped flowing many years ago.

The hotel also offers rich African meals made to order and in addition to great comfort a small swimming pool which is a huge luxury in a country that is very much concerned about daily water consumption. Furthermore the resort is the only one located in the national park, thus giving guests the opportunity for an exclusive trip to the Death Valley and the famous Dune 45 before sunrise.

Sossus Dune Lodge is a fabulous place. Lack of access to the Internet forces the guests to slow down to enjoy nature, the breathtaking views and to take a long rest on a charming terrace from which you can admire the starry night sky.








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