Heavenly Bodies – an exhibition opened during one of the most media covered events held annually on Fifth Avenue – Met Gala is spread out over 25 art galleries from the Medieval and Byzantine Hall in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anna Wintour Costume Center, to The Met Cloisters constructed in the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles.

The Met Cloisters was built in the 1930s. It is located in Fort Tryon Park in the Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan, and it is governed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ecclesiastic atmosphere of the place combined with unique and richly adorned religious symbols and jeweled ensembles was one of the reasons why Vatican endorsed the exhibition and provided the museum with many pieces of its own collection.

Strolling around the cloisters with the atmospheric Ave Maria reverberating in the air and new galleries and halls waiting to be discovered, a visitor becomes a part of something momentous and mysterious. As for the selected ensembles, they provided an unexpected interpretation of the Catholic tradition by immersing the visitors in the evoked concept and therefore giving them the impression of participating in a pilgrimage.

The Heavenly Bodies exhibition can be seen only until 8 October this year, so if you, Dear Reader, have not yet had an opportunity to visit one of the most enchanting museums in the world, the new exhibition should encourage you to do so.


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