New York is usually associated with financial sharks, colorful performances on Broadway, grand concerts in a concert hall,   and unique exhibits you will see in its many museums. But is New York only the world capital of culture and financial tycoons? Absolutely not!

Today, nobody is surprised by the fact that the city starts many trends in fashion, breaks all the conventions, and often sets new directions for the upcoming fashion seasons. The city’s importance in fashion does not only come from the famous Fifth Avenue, where you will find global brands, but also from the ubiquitous subculture. Street fashion is one of the most important pillars. It is young people who come to New York from all over the world that express their emotions by creating an unusual image. Not only talented designers at the beginnings of their careers, but also every true fashion fan can bring novelty to the street style and quickly become a new icon of the New York fashion.

Inspired by the colors that dominate on Times Square, for my everyday look I chose an intense red Prada shirt and white Uniqlo A-line skirt, which perfectly complements small curves. An outfit that you can wear not only on the 4th of July! 🙂

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