Undone on purpose

Are you tired of the perfectly polished and put-together fashion styles we’ve seen in recent years? Do you crave something a little more relaxed, effortless, and undone? If so, the undone fashion style might be just what you’re looking for. The undone fashion style is all about embracing imperfections, letting […]

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Long Live Rousseau!

“Long live Rousseau!” These words appeared on a banner decorating a party organized by Pablo Picasso in Paris in 1908. The guest of honor, Henri Rousseau, was a self-taught painter who, despite having been dismissed by the Paris art world, had captured the imagination of Picasso and his milieu. They saw in Rousseau’s […]

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Happy Lounging!

After a couple of weeks on the go, today is my first day of doing nothing. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. So, while I was doing nothing, I created a short crucial list of lounging tips. Dress comfortably yet stylishly – opt for clothes made with soft fabrics and relaxed […]

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