Very few travelers either in or out of Grenada have heard of Hog Island. But anyone who visits Grenada should go out of their way to visit this island hideaway.

So what is Hog Island in Grenada? Hog Island is a hidden island destination just off the southern shores of Grenada, near Woburn and Lance aux Epines, that can be reached by water taxi or footbridge. This island is isolated and quiet during the week but features a party scene on Sundays.

What to do on Hog Island?

  1. Swim your heart out! – Whether you swim recreationally or you are a part of a team, it’s a great place to enjoy the water.
  2. Paddle to the sunset – although island doesn’t provide any water sport activities, most of the rented boats will have your back!
  3. Feed your soul – Consuming authentic Caribbean food can be an emotionally moving experience. Unique spices, seafood cought on the very same day – heaven!
  4. Get to know locals – people are very friendly and outgoing. Share a coconut rum drink with them and you will know, what I am talking about:)
  5. Enjoy the colours of Caribbean – fauna and flora will literally take your breath away. Never seen such intense colors in my life!

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