It has been exactly a year since my trip to Vietnam, yet I never came around to post anything about this beautiful country. Even though I had only a chance to spend few days in the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, the country stole a bit of my heart and it came back on my bucket lists of places I would love to visit (or visit once again) in my life. Here are some highlights of one of the most iconic spots in Hà Nội.

Presidential Palace – you will be not able to miss it. Palace was built at the beginning of the 20th century by French architect Auguste Vildieu for French Indochina and has beautiful sunny color (beloved by Vietnamese people). Although the Presidential Palace is not open to the public (and photography is supposedly prohibited) you can still walk around and admire the old-french architecture. 

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum – one of the most important, guarded places in Vietnam. Mausoleum serves the resting place of Vietnamese President – Ho Chi Minh. It is a solid attraction that offers incredible historical insights of Vietnamese values and culture. 

Vietnam Military History Museum – Perhaps more than any other country in the last decades, Vietnamese Identity has been determined by French colonialists as well as American imperialists. Great place for an exploration of Vietnamese history and culture.

Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts – the second-largest Fine Art museum in the country. Although the collection is still not as big as any western museums, The Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts offers to its visitors’ paintings, ceramics, different art of the Post-war artists as well as many of the content date back to pre-historic and feudalism time. 

Hanoi Opera House – a Grand Finale to your tour. Erected at the beginning of the 20th century, located beautifully on the intersection of the five biggest streets in Hanoi, Hanoi Opera House offers the most incredible concerts and performances. The universal form of art, beautifully displayed on stage will steal your heart!


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