In many ways, wearing high heels is like wearing red lipstick. In many ways, wearing red lipstick is like wearing a pair of high heels. But be careful, the combination of both together may sometimes increase to absolute maximum your self-confidence!

A lot of you would agree that wearing high heels and red lipstick makes you feel glamorous just like Sarah Jessica Parker at the Sex and the City. Here are a few other important reasons, why sometimes we want to suffer wearing 4 or even 5 inches high heel shoes:

  • It makes you taller: Yes, many of us would like to add those few inches, so never deny yourself a good pair of heels, even if you are above 6 feet tall.
  • They make us appear more feminine: Heels put you in control of your feminity. They make your walk more attractive and build up your confidence.
  • They symbolize power: High heels give you more courage, make you more persuasive, fearless and self-assured. 
  • Popular culture told you so: Even though it’s been slowly changing, most of the time you will find in media the empowered females wearing high heels. 

If you have one of those days, when other people’s insecurities are bringing you down, put your high heels and red lipstick on, be proud of who you are and remember, there is never a good reason to shoot for average.

Blazer: ASTR

Bag: See by Chloé

Jewelry: S. Leaf

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