Bali is an incredibly colorful island. Plenty of visitors will find something for themselves there: from the large hotel resorts with elegant restaurants and bars of Uluwatu to the impressive villas built amid the lush vegetation of Ubud. When going through this captivating land, I wondered if I could find a place untouched by the ever-growing number of tourists, a place where the locals, absorbed by their everyday chores, haven’t been completely swallowed by the western culture. To my pleasant surprise, there are few of them left. One of the most magical places is the Pasut beach, with its incredibly beautiful Villa Keong. 

The Villa Keong is not a typical hotel facility where the visiting guests have to squeeze through crowded bars and restaurants, or a guest house where one has to get up by the sunrise to get a lounge chair reservation at the beach or by the local pool. The Keong house is a four star, private residence, located a 20 minutes drive away from the nearest supermarket, 60 minutes away from the Denpasar airport, but only 60 seconds away from the nearby Pasut beach. 

This incredible, Sumatran building was made of glass and wood obtained from the neighboring islands (Flores, Kalimantan, Sumatra), perfectly reflecting the cultural heritage of not just Balinese but also Indonesians. The entire interior architecture, including three bedrooms with large beds, the original kitchen and dining room, unique furniture, are hand-carved works of art that give this place unique vibes and a soul. 

It was the owners’ intention to share an authentic experience with their guests that is only available away from the big city noise. In the heart of an unspoiled wilderness, by the Pukitan beach, one can admire fabulous sunrises and sunsets, sunbathe in peace and quiet on the unique black sand, admiring the surrounding raw nature, including tall, slender palm trees, strewn around these vast spaces, while inhaling the fresh scent of the ocean. Available at the visitors’ disposal are: bicycles – a mode of transportation that allows visiting the closest neighborhood, a breakfast buffet ordered adequately earlier or Bali barbecue and a small swimming pool in the middle of the garden that is perfect for cooling down on hot days.

While relaxing at the impressive Villa Keong, one can feel like in a fairytale paradise. Away from other tourists and the big city noise, this facility is a perfect refuge for those seeking peace and relaxation.

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