Let’s be honest I am not the biggest fan of beaches. I can enjoy them occasionally with a good crew, great action plan, but most of all: I have to be mentally prepared. You can call me crazy (no, I am not offended), however, there are a few reasons why I need a designated space under the shade of a palm tree. 

  • I have sensitive eyes and carry eye drops with me all the time. My eyes get very easily irritated from saltwater – definitely not a comfortable feeling. I always think twice before jumping into the Atlantic Ocean (although don’t get me wrong, I love water and swimming). But the burning sensation is never on the top of my vacation list. 
  • If there was a way of staying sand-free on a beach, I would visit Miami more often. As much as beach sand is a perfect natural foot massage, I can’t handle it sticking to my body, as well as to all my belongings. It’s such hard work to take it all off! 
  • Why it’s always so hot?! I am a Redhead (no surprise there), and my sun tolerance is close to zero. I use SPF 50 or 75 for babies, and I do look like a ghost. As soon as I step outside on the sun, my skin burns like I was a vampire. Want me to join you on a beach? Make sure you treat me like a princess: a beach cabana for a relaxing vacation is a must!

And with all that negativity, I miss Miami these days. I miss delicious Cuban cuisine, the calming sound of the ocean, the rides along the beach boardwalk, and I can’t wait to go back. 

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